A Canvas for Discovery

A Canvas for Discovery



Guests look to Viceroy for provocative, remarkable experiences they can’t find anywhere else. We always dare to rise to the challenge. In fact, we’re taking it one step further with our new artist series, A Canvas for Discovery. Throughout the year we invite innovative artists to our hotels and resorts to create original, site-specific work in mediums ranging from painting to music to sculpture to photography to videography – any form of exemplary art is welcome. It all stands testament to the fact that here, at Viceroy, senses are teased and creativity thrives.


Kicking off the series is featured talent Spencer Mar Guilburt (aka: MAR), a contemporary American artist and vibrant voice in the blossoming LA art scene. To celebrate the opening of Viceroy Los Cabos, MAR completed a set of thought-provoking murals, specifically designed with the hotel and surrounding region in mind. MAR visited Viceroy Los Cabos a few months before it opened to immerse himself in the destination and get inspiration. The visionary results are two massive masterpieces at both Viceroy Los Cabos and Viceroy Santa Monica.

We are happy to announce that you can purchase Sicky Eyewear at both Viceroy Los Cabos and Viceroy Santa Monica. 

Art lives at Viceroy. Be part of the experience


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