Sicky Crew: Clint

Picasso said, “All children are artists.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”.


What does “SICKY” mean to you?
It means an opportunity to do more with my life. To attempt something different that is out of my comfort zone, grow as an individual, meet new people and be part of a brand.

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Fountain Valley, Orange County. I lived in Palm Desert for the first 10 years of my life, then moved to Santa Barbara for most of my juvenile and teen years.

What is your #1 place to go on vacation?
Brescia, Italy

How did you get on the SICKY Crew?
By shooting photos all over and being found on Instagram by John Hildebrand.

Tell me something weird/ insane/ crazy/ funny/ creative/ interesting about yourself that I don’t already know.
I do not eat any fruits and vegetables; my diet has consisted of pizza and carbohydrates for most of my life and I was once obese.

Walk me through a “normal” day for you.
My new average work day now varies from week to week. Some days I can sleep in until noon, some days I am up around 8 AM to shoot for Ironman Magazine in Long Beach, and then other days I’m editing photos for online resellers or my own personal collection. I try to fit the gym in, but it’s become very tedious to have the energy to go during the day and I resort to going around 10 PM if anything. Throughout the day a lot of text messages come through from people asking for their photos to be sent, edited or scheduled for future shoots along with some technical support that I can’t seem to pull away from.

Walk me through a “crazy” day for you.
Crazy days are filled with two to three shoots, as I drive from location to location or Malibu to Venice and back. Much photo processing is done and plenty of Dropbox’s sent out to clients to make sure they can view photos while I am out shooting more. These days are also filled up with many incoming text messages due to my active Snapchat stories which bring traction to models that want to shoot, or try to hop on to the work load. Being able to manage these days require a lot of caffeine and patience, which I am lucky enough to have over my many years of in-the-field experience.
What’s your favorite food & drink?
Coffee is my favorite drink.
Pepperoni pizza is my favorite food.

What’s your favorite movie?
The Fast and the Furious

What’s your favorite band?
I do not have a favorite



Clinty X Sicky


A collaboration years in the making.


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Named for Clint’s niece, The Luna frames are an ode to their shared passion for the cosmos. The design is inspired by vintage 70’s photography, completed with a timeless and carefree round shape. All orders in the presale will come with a limited edition print of Clint’s work.



Clinty X Sicky

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