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What does he do?  

Madison is our partner & go-to high-fashion expert at SICKY.

What’s his deal?

When we asked Madison to walk us through a day in the life, he quickly shot off, “COFFEE - GO!”  ‘Nuff said, Madison!  Madison is the epitome of the SICKY Crew - a cultural influencer in the worlds of fashion, popular culture, and philanthropy, who has a passion for connecting with people and living life to the fullest.  Madison’s success in his professional life is a result of his outlook on life.  With all day laughter and problem-solving as a daily goal, as well as embracing unpredictability, there actually is no such thing as a “normal” day in the life of Madison.  Everything is fast-paced, inspired, and exciting!

As Sicky’s younger brother, he’s experienced the full-fledged SICKY-vibe from day 1.  Born in Arizona and raised in Connecticut & Southern California, Madison posted up in Malibu for school.  After graduating from Pepperdine in 2003 with a degree in Advertising & Marketing, he quickly set the groundwork for his career in the real-estate industry, trailblazing the Malibu real-estate scene.  Madison Hildebrand, founded The Malibu Life, Inc., and was quickly recognized as one of the most esteemed and respected luxury real estate agents, both nationally and internationally.  

Selling over $130 Million in property before the age of 30, Madison is continually crowned as one of the "Top Producing Agents" in the nation by Coldwell Banker.  Madison is a pillar in the Malibu and LA community, giving back to organization like the Malibu Boys and Girls Club, the Malibu Association of Realtors, and The Malibu Green Machine.  As an E! News television host, author, and star of Bravo TV’s hit reality show, “Million Dollar Listing,” we can safely say that Madison is a real-life, in-the-flesh, jack-of-all-trades... And he makes it look DAMN good.

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