Sicky Crew: Samson Hatae


What’s your passion? Why?  
Photography, the ocean, the mountains, traveling. I found photography at a younger age and really liked capturing moments and being able to share them. Pursued making it my career and it has worked out so far! Feel very fortunate to be able to work in a field I really enjoy and continue to experience new things while documenting it. I’ve spend a good amount in and around the ocean and I like everything about it from surfing, to being on a boat or just watching the waves roll by. The mountains bring me roads to ride bicycles, motorcycles and trails to hike and bike as well. I could stare at the mountains the same way I stare at the ocean. I was lucky to travel a lot my whole life and that has opened my eyes to all that is out there. I love going somewhere new and experiencing a place for the first time and have been lucky to make that part of my career. 
What does “SICKY” mean to you?  
 Sicky to me means fun, quality and style.  
Where were you born and raised?  
Born and raised in Southern California in Ventura County.  
What’s your #1 place to go on vacation?  
 I travel a lot for work so I really appreciate the time I get around home, so more staycation type of thing. If I were to choose to go somewhere it would be Japan. 
How did you get on the SICKY Crew?  
I have know John for many years and remember when Sicky first started. Got a pair from him and really liked the shades and the quality, which Sicky is about. John asked me to bring a few pairs around on my last big job traveling around the world and was happy to get some images to show what Sicky is about. 
Walk us through a day in the life . 
 A typical day at home would start with a coffee and smoothie along with some stretching, take my dog Jax out for a run or skateboard, maybe work on the computer a little and the rest of the day would be either looking for surf or riding a motorcycle somewhere. 
Work always varies and depends on the job. It could be waking up in my hammock in the backcountry to shoot some motorcycles or bicycles or going out in a new city in a different country to capture some moments. 
What’s your favorite food?
 Going to have to go with a big bowl of Hakata ramen. 
What camera’s do you use?
A Nikon D800 was my main camera for many years. A few years ago I got a Sony A7 to save weight traveling and now I have a Sony A7riii which has become my main camera for still and video. I also use the A6500 for video and have a few film cameras I play around with. 

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