Sicky Crew: Skylar Grey


What’s your passion?  Why?

My passions are creativity and nature.  Whether its creating a beautiful song, painting a sunglasses case, writing a story, enjoying someone else's creation like a movie, or walking in through redwoods, my passion is for anything that I can get lost in for hours and be emotionally aroused.

What does “SICKY” mean to you? 

Dope as fuck.

Where were you born and raised? 

A tiny village called Mazomanie, WI.

What’s your #1 place to go on vacation?

Road tripping through Humboldt Co. in Northern Cali up to the Southern coast of Oregon. Hwy 101.

How did you get on the SICKY™ Crew?

Madison Hildebrand and I were fans of each other and bonded over the fact that we both had ties to Park City, UT. He introduced me to his wonderful family including his brother John who started SICKY. As a fan of the line, it was an organic fit to work together.

Tell me something weird/ insane/ crazy/ funny/ creative/ interesting about yourself that I don’t already know. 

I was arrested in South Dakota when I was 16 for running away and possession of weed.

Walk me through a “normal” day in the life of you. 

Wake up around noon, make coffee or tea, eat cereal or eggs, go for an inspiring walk, work on something for 4 hours, eat dinner fast, make tea, work on something till 3am, maybe take a break and watch a movie in that time, drive out to 7 Eleven for a Nestle Drumstick, go to sleep.

Walk me through a “crazy” day in the life of you. 

Wake up in New York at 7am, take cab to radio station for interview/performance, take cab to another radio station for interview/performance, take cab to Fuse for an on camera interview, take cab to an important business meeting, take cab to soundcheck at venue, walk out and grab dinner somewhere close, do make up and change clothes, perform show, meet n greet fans, pack up gear, take cab back to hotel, pack suitcases, go to sleep for an hour before taking a cab to JFK to catch the first flight out.  Yuck.

What’s your favorite food & drink? 

Eggs and Matcha green tea

What’s your favorite band? 



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