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The Sicky x Hilton Through The Local Lens Tour

The Bahamas has always been a trip that was bound to be amazing especially surrounded by warm sand, blue waters, and the golden sun. There’s no way it could be less than incredible, but the itinerary and list of things to do that Hilton provides is insane. All of the activities scheduled are a great mixture of adventure and time to relax. During leisure, the bright beaches are occupied with swaying hammocks just waiting for someone to unwind in them.

Before rushing off to these hammocks during downtime, make sure not to leave the Hilton without your Sicky sunglasses in hand. Duh! This part is a must. They allow anyone to relax under the beaming sun but look good while doing it. Not gonna lie, this would also be the perfect time to get a little snap for Instagram too! Not only will you find Sicky sunglasses useful during relaxation and time for candid’s, but also between days filled with snorkeling and exploring a wildlife habitat. Your sunglasses will do just about as much exploring as you do. Speaking of exploration, some of the most incredible times are going to places that locals recommend. During vacation, it can sometimes feel like a drag to be consumed by tourism and only limit yourself to popular tourist locations.

The itinerary gets fearless adventurers off the beaten path and encourages them to take a step into a new world full of culture and knowledge. Coming to Bimini and Nassau to experience the life and history of people who actually live there is the best part of the trip. As it allows anyone to experience what life is truly like in the Bahamas, and with the help of Sicky sunglasses travelers can finally look through the lens of a new land and embrace it. 

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