Unique Perspectives. Shared Vision.

We are a brand built on passion. Independently made luxury eyewear by and for those with a fearless creative spirit and nothing to lose.

Inspired by our friends chasing artistic independence, we brought the same hustle and passion to designing our pieces that they did to their pursuits.

Think of it this way, when you have a map you end up at the same place as everyone else. We believe you should make your own path.

Born and designed in Malibu, then meticulously handcrafted in Japan, our point-of-view is uniquely our own but our vision is shared by all creative underdogs. Bold design. Tirelessly refined production processes. Independent. No compromises.

Our Origins

John Hildebrand first began to explore the world through the lens of a camera. The camera became more than a window to the world but a vehicle to identify his artistic point of view and establish a creative vision. When it came time to purchase eyewear, John felt disconnected from the brands on the shelves as they were not as inspiring as the lens that shaped his world. With the same fearless spirit that he approached his art, John set to work in his Malibu garage to create an eyewear brand that he could identify with. Using his nickname “SICKY,” John created prototypes that were bold, distinctive and captured the attention of everyone he met. After attending a party in Malibu, the frames quickly became the center of attention. Everyone wanted to get their own pair of SICKY’s, a brand that was only in its infancy.